Once a year the Art Rental & Sales program holds an open call for submissions when artists based in British Columbia can apply to join our program. 

Next call will be held in April 2021. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Thank you for your interest in the Art Rental & Sales program at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Do I need to be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident in order to apply?
Yes, at this time you do need to be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, preferably based in British Columbia, in order to participate in the Art Rental & Sales program.
What kind of hanging hardware needs to be installed on my artwork if it is accepted into the program?
We require that all artwork in the program be fitted with D-rings and wire to accommodate our Showroom’s hanging system.
Who decides which artists will be a part of the Art Rental & Sales program?
Each submission is individually reviewed by an external selection committee of industry experts.

Can I apply to the program if I already have gallery representation?
Yes, you can apply to the program even if you are already represented by a gallery. However please note that we require rental exclusivity from our artists as of 2016.
I am a commercial gallerist; may I apply on behalf of my gallery?
No, at this time we prefer to work directly with artists.
How old can the artwork that I apply to the program with be?
The artwork must reflect your current practice; preference will be given to work that is more recent.
Can I apply more than once?
You can apply to the program once per year, however you may re-apply annually as often as you like.
How can I check up on the status of my application?
We will contact you to let you know whether you have been selected for the program or not. Due to the volume of applicants, we respectfully ask that you refrain from emailing or calling the Showroom regarding the status of submissions.
Will you give me feedback if my application is not successful?
Due to the volume of submissions we receive, we are unable to give individual feedback.
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