Inomata, Makito

Lives in Vancouver, BC.

We are all creatures who love to collect and display objects that are meaningful to us.
Perhaps we do this because we know that our lives are ephemeral and these objects
help to objectify memories as proof of our own unique existence.

We collect books that have expanded our minds, beach rocks that peaked our interest,
and collect beautifully coloured cookware that bring joy to our kitchens. These objects
not only provide an unwritten narrative but also help to establish our own personal

A personal space is a curated space. There is a hierarchy and an order to any given
space which is told to us through the arrangements of its objects. These objects tell us
what is important and sentimental to a particular individual or household. These objects
may reflect novelty, culture, history, and values.

My work explores the domestication of these collected objects by invoking a sense of
familiarity, nostalgia, and curiosity for the viewer.

Makito Inomata
Makito Inomata
Makito Inomata