Frequently Asked Questions

How much are your rental fees?
Rental fees start as low as $10/month per piece. Rental fees are based on a percentage of the purchase price, the average rental fee is $80/month.
Are the works also for sale?
Yes. Everything we carry is available for rent or purchase. If you start off renting and later decide to purchase, we will credit up to 3 months of paid rental fees towards a purchase. 
How do I rent from Art Rental & Sales?
Browse through our online catalogue and request a quote for pricing information and availability. You can also stop by our Showroom located on the first floor of the Vancouver Art Gallery to view the art in person, or make an appointment by calling us at 604-662-4746.  
How long can I rent the art for?
The minimum rental period is 1 month, and typically with corporations we rent on a quarterly basis. There is no maximum rental term, you can rent as long as you like, however please keep in mind that we only credit up to 3 months of rental fees towards a purchase, regardless of how long you have been renting.
Do you offer any additional services for corporate clients?
Yes. For corporate clients we do offer on site consultations. This allows us to get a sense of your space so we can make artwork recommendations, and discuss what kind of rental package might be the best fit for your business. 
I'm staging my home for sale.  Can I rent art for that?
Yes. Art rental is a great fit for home staging with rentals done on a month to month basis. Bring photographs, floor plans or wall measurements when you visit, and we'll work with you to help choose the right art for your space.  
What if I want to purchase the art I'm renting?
We will credit up to 3 months of paid rental fees towards the purchase price. 
Do you install the artwork?
We can coordinate delivery and installation with our preferred industry partners for a fee, or you are welcome to transport and install the artwork yourself.
What about insurance?
Are the art pieces you offer from the Vancouver Art Gallery's permanent collection?
No. All the artworks in our rental program are consigned by emerging and mid-career British Columbia-based artists. The artwork we carry in AR&S is totally separate from the Vancouver Art Gallery's permanent collection and curatorial practice. 
Does Art Rental & Sales offer gift certificates?
Yes, we do carry gift certificates. Please call or visit us for details.
Where can I see the art?
All the artworks can be viewed in our online catalogue which is updated daily, or in person in our Showroom on the first floor of the Vancouver Art Gallery. Regular business hours are Monday to Friday, 10am - 5pm.