Narvaez, Diego

Diego Narvaez was born in Mexico City and moved to Sooke, BC, Canada in 2019. His work focuses on landscape painting while creating visual metaphors of how we, as society, construct reality through sight and how this affects our relationship with the environment. Such questions have led him to work from plein air experiences in places such as Antarctica, Iceland and the West Coast of North America.

Counterpoint Place is a series of landscape paintings that challenge our understanding of the urban and the natural. It presents the boundary between the ever-growing city and remaining natural space in a sublime and sometimes tragic manner. The timeless scenes are charged with mystery and the occasional touch of whimsy. This series aims to construct visual metaphors that nudge the viewer to reflect on how they relate to their surroundings, and to invite questions about our perception of reality. The works in this series approach landscape as a living organism that is in constant flux. Counterpoint Place encourages us to reflect on the places we take for granted. It also challenges us to look around, and look again, with fresh eyes on familiar scenery.