AR&S Featured Artist

Jim Park: Overexposed Memories

August 31 - November 13, 2020


Jim Park in Studio by Mel Yap
Photograph: Jim Park in studio by Mel Yap

Jim Park's work reflects his profound interest in natural places, the relationships between different locations, and the ways in which these places interact with light. Influenced by the changing landscape and rapid globalization of cities he has lived in, Park’s large-scale paintings function as a tangible record and re-creation of his mental and emotional experiences while walking through these landscapes. For Park, the inspirational impact of natural and man-made light evokes both a sense of enigma and discovery, the quality of which he explores through his creation of atmospheric and sensory experiences of a landscape shaped by time. His works are characterized by accidental, swift, and fluid mark-making techniques that evolve in an organic manner according to his subject matter.
See the catalogue for details of available works by Jim Park.