Love Travels Far (triptych), 2020

Kari Kristensen

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Kari Kristensen

Latex paint with anti-graffiti coating on plywood

Custom maple frame

96" x 246" total

Code #13568

Panel sizes

LOVE: 96”H x 54”W 

TRAVELS: 96”H x 120”W 

FAR: 96”H x 72”W 


Love Travels Far was part of a project initiated by the Downtown Business Association and the Vancouver Mural Festival during COVID in the Spring of 2020. The message of enduring love is one that Kristensen hoped would resonate around the world, as movements were restricted and coming together was impossible. Its original location was the store Chopard on the corner of West Georgia and Hornby in downtown Vancouver, and rather than being torn down and tossed when the business re-opened, Kristensen saved the panels and had them professionally mounted and framed. A piece of Vancouver history.