Featured Artist: Simone Ximeng Guo

Simone Ximeng Guo
The Lost Lagoon

Art Rental & Sales at the Vancouver Art Gallery is pleased to present 
The Lost Lagoon: A painting series by AR&S Featured Artist Simone Ximeng Guo

 A Forest Out There, 2023, Simone Ximeng Guo, Oil, Acrylic and oil stick  on canvas, 50" x 40"

A Forest Out There, 2023, Simone Ximeng Guo, Oil, Acrylic and oil stick  on canvas, 50" x 40"


In the ever-changing dynamics of the mysterious body of water, the lost lagoon, and its surrounding nature formations, Simone Ximeng Guo presents a cohesive group of paintings that studies unbounded possibilities in approaching this single theme.

Loosely referencing the west coast landscape, Guo strives to capture the essential forms in an intuitive way without losing the complexity and ambiguity of existence and nature. In between of abstraction and pictorial landscape, she blends a stylized abstractive language with a renewed interest in the aesthetics of Chinese landscape tradition. With her visual vernacular continuing being developed and refined, Guo’s constructed world is described as “familiar yet fantastically otherworldly, inviting yet mysterious, and serene yet dynamic”.

Novelist Milan Kundera has a unique discussion on music forms in The Book of Laughter and Forgetting. In his view, if a symphony as a musical epic is like a voyage through the infinitude of the exterior world, variations therefore like a voyage leading into “the infinite diversity of the interior world lying hidden in all things”. Kundera’s analogy of variations in music interestingly resonates with Guo’s current body of work when we consider it as various stages of a voyage leading into the interior of a theme or an idea.


Simone Ximeng Guo's work will be featured in the Showroom
January 12 to March 22, 2024


Join us for an artist talk with Simone Ximeng Guo in the Showroom
Thursday, January 25th, 6 - 8pm

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Simone Guo
Simone Guo
Simone Guo
Simone Guo
Simone Guo
Simone Guo