Art at Kafka's: Nicola Tibbetts

In a new collaboration with Kafka's Coffee, Art Rental & Sales will be showcasing a rotating selection of artwork at the Kafka's Great Northern Way location on the Emily Carr campus. For the past 10 years Kafka's has positioned itself as a community hub, proudly supporting local artists by providing them with a high-visibility venue in which to exhibit their work. This collaboration will provide a new opportunity to promote AR&S artists and our program, and to reach new audiences outside of the walls of the Vancouver Art Gallery. 

On View Now

Art at Kafka's: Nicola Tibbetts

"Sourcing fabric, dyeing, bleaching, composing, sewing, stretching and hand-quilting; this process and the labour and attention it demands are what make this work exciting to me. The tactile qualities of textiles are inviting, kind and sensual in a way that I connect with physically and emotionally. My decorative impulse, long kept in the hobby realm has merged with my painting practice in these textile pieces. Experimenting with the vibrancy and the luminosity of dye and paint and how they are either absorbed or remain on the surface of the material, I often use bleach to alter the dyes in unexpected ways, partially removing and sometimes getting back to the original colour of the linen, a kind of uncovering." - Nicola Tibbetts

All works on view at Kafka's are available for purchase. Please contact us for pricing or for more information at Kafka's Coffee, 120-577 Great Northern Way, Vancouver. 

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